Plant Guide

Rosa 'Kiwi'

Repeat-flowering floribunda rose with glossy dark green foliage and large, moderately fragrant, double flowers in clusters of 2 to 5 blooms per stem. Showy flowers, 8-11 cm wide with about 20-30 somewhat ruffled petals in shades of chocolate brown, orange, and terracotta, sometimes with a lavender sheen. Grows on its own root system.

Registration name: Rosa 'WEKpaltlez'. Bred by Tom Carruth (USA). Introduced in the USA as 'Hot Cocoa'. Also known as Rosa 'Hot Chocolate'. In Switzerland, this rose was named 'Nubya' after the singer with that name.

Prefers a sunny position in well-draining soil with a generous amount of organic matter. Tolerates light shade, but doesn't flower as well as in full sun. Fertilise in early spring and again in early summer. Good disease resistance. Rain and heat-tolerant. Dead-head during the flowering season and prune in winter.

Stunning rose with gorgeous full flowers in unique terracotta colourings. Imagine this in a novel combination with brown-orange grasses and lime green ground covering plants. Great for flower display as a single specimen or planted in groups. Suitable for cutting, containers, borders or beds. Plant near paths or seating areas so that you can enjoy the fragrance.

Type of plant

Shrub - Deciduous


1-1.5 m tall, 1 m wide

Landscape Use

flower display, cut flowers, pot plant, fragrance


  • Temperature: Hardy
  • Light: High
  • Moisture: Medium
  • Soil: Light Medium Heavy
  • Wind tolerance: Average