Plant Guide

Tibouchina urvilleana

Tibouchina urvilleana

glory bush, princess flower

Bushy shrub or small tree with rounded crown, reaching 3-5m tall. Rich purple flowers 5 to 7 cm across, emerging from reddish, hairy buds during late summer and autumn. Slightly hairy, oblong to ovate leaves, 5 to 10 cm long, with conspicuous veins. Reddish and hairy young stems. Native to Brazil. Frost tender when young. Tolerates light to medium frosts when established. Needs protection from strong winds. Synonyms: Tibouchina semidecandra and Lasiandra semidecandra.

Type of plant

Shrub - Evergreen


to 3-5 m tall

Landscape Use

flower display


  • Temperature: Half hardy
  • Light: High
  • Moisture: Medium
  • Soil: Light Medium
  • Wind tolerance: Low
  • Coastal tolerance: Low