Plant Guide

Rosa 'Queen Wilhelmina'

Floribunda rose with glossy, dark green foliage, flowering in flushes throughout the season. Clusters of deep yellow, very mildly fragrant flowers with frilly petals, 5-8 cm wide.

Registration name: Rosa 'JACimgol'. Bred by Dr Keith W. Zary (USA). Also known as Rosa 'Golden Girls' and Rosa 'Forever Young'.

Prefers a sunny position in any well-draining soil with a generous amount of organic matter. Fertilise in early spring and again in early summer. Dead-head regularly and prune in winter.

Lovely full flowers in shades of yellow and pale orange. Looks great in groups or as a single specimen for flower display in beds or borders. Cut flowers last well on water.

Type of plant

Shrub - Deciduous


.7-1.2 m tall

Landscape Use

flower display, cut flowers


  • Temperature: Hardy
  • Light: High
  • Moisture: Medium
  • Soil: Light Medium Heavy
  • Wind tolerance: Average