Plant Guide

Teucrium hircanicum 'Purple Tails'

Cultivar of the Iranian wood sage or Caucasian germander, a clump-forming sub-shrub with soft, downy stems and leaves, native to western Asia and the Caucasus region.Teucrium hircanicum 'Purple Tails' has oblong to ovate leaves in opposite pairs, 5-10 cm long, with rounded teeth along the margins, and a somewhat wrinkly upper surface. Reddish purple flowers appear during early summer, tightly packed in long spikes, 15-30 cm long, gradually opening and colouring up from the base of the inflorescence. 

Prefers a sunny or partially shaded position in any well-draining soil. Does not like wet feet. Cut back after flowering to keep compact. The stems can become relatively floppy and get blown about in the wind, so unless planted in a sheltered position, some support may be required. Self-seeds.

Dramatic display of vertical spikes in stunning colours set off beautifully by the mid green foliage. Looks great in groups in the middle or the back of borders. Makes a lovely combination with the dark reddish purple young foliage of Hebe 'Pretty in Pink'. Alternatively, combine with other purple-flowering plants and an occasional yellow highlight. Select plants with contrasting flower shapes.

Type of plant

Herbaceous - Perennial


60-90 cm tall including flowering stems

Landscape Use

flower display


  • Temperature: Hardy
  • Light: Medium High
  • Moisture: Medium
  • Soil: Light Medium Heavy
  • Wind tolerance: Average