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Articles tagged with: front yard

Front entrance with existing diagonal path

Front entrance with existing diagonal path


Many houses are positioned on the site like this one; with the front door facing the road, a driveway along the side of the house, and a path leading diagonally from the drive to the front door. Whilst the latter may be the most practical and direct route to the front door, it does not relate to the shape of the house and disconnects the house from the front yard. Removing the original path and replacing it with one that consists of a series of connected L-shapes, is one solution. Another, less invasive option is to use planting design as a tool to link the house with its surroundings and with the existing path.


A patio with a view to the front garden



Usually the most suitable area to develop into an outdoor space for passive recreation such as reading a book or enjoying a cup of coffee, is behind the house, away from the roadside. If, however, you have a reasonably private front yard, then you may be able to create a patio from which you can enjoy this part of your garden. As long as the circulation route to the front door can be kept separate from the patio, the latter will be sufficiently static in character to feel comfortable to sit and relax in.