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Design for a front yard with an existing path



To create an attractive outdoor space it is not always necessary to remove all existing vegetation and other elements. It may be easier to start with a clean slate since you have more options, but often it is more cost effective to work with what you have and possibly change existing features or the way they relate to the rest of the space to make them more practical or aesthetically pleasing.


Design for a welcoming front garden

Design for a welcoming front garden


When designing a front garden there are two important issues to consider. Firstly, the space needs to be functional and easy to "read". Your visitors should immediately be able to see where to go to reach the front door. Circulation routes should be as direct as possible with good slip-free surfaces. Secondly, since your front garden gives the first impression of your property, it should be attractive, welcoming, and nestle your house comfortably into its environment.